Our Services

Lawn Care Program

Maintain the emerald hue of your lush lawn.

Shrub Care Program

Shape your shrubs so they stay healthy.

Fire Ant Prevention

Don't let fire ants make a home in your yard.

Win Yard of the Month Without Breaking a Sweat

Win Yard of the Month Without Breaking a Sweat

We'll take care of your lawn so you don't have to worry

It's hard for you to keep your grass green and your weeds under control. GreenScape Services is here to help you. We'll cover all your lawn care needs so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

Our services include:

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As a local company, we know the terrain and plant life around Tyler, TX very well. The owner was born and raised here. He understands the dangers of fire ants because he played in the same kinds of yards your kids do. This isn't just business to us; it's personal. You're members of our community, and we're dedicated to helping you.

The same members of our team will show up for every job. You'll never have to worry about dealing with an unfamiliar face. We are reliable, trustworthy and efficient. We'll always get the job done as quickly and as accurately as possible.