Don't Let Your Lawn Get Brown and Patchy

Don't Let Your Lawn Get Brown and Patchy

Have one of the lushest lawns in Tyler, Longview & Athens, TX with our lawn fertilization services

Your lawn is the first thing visitors notice when they pull up to your house. Does yours have patches, puddles or dying grass? If you don't have time to do regular lawn maintenance, that's where we come in. Trust GreenScape Services to handle your lawn fertilization, shrub care and fire ant removal and prevention. We can also diagnose and treat lawn diseases.

Get rid of that brown, brittle lawn. Contact us to revive your yard in Tyler, Longview & Athens, TX with top-notch lawn fertilization services. We work on both commercial and residential properties.

5 reasons your lawn needs fertilization

You may be asking - aren't water and sunlight enough for a healthy yard? Why should you pay for lawn care services? Your lawn needs fertilizer in order to thrive. Lawn fertilization is important for any home or business owner who wants:

  • Nutrient-rich soil - watering your lawn can leach nutrients like phosphorus, nitrate and potassium out of your soil, causing your lawn to become less vibrant
  • Rapidly growing plants - having a healthy lawn and plants means replenishing nutrients in your soil, which supports faster and healthier growth
  • Strong root systems - fertilizing your lawn puts minerals back in the soil that feed the root system of your lawn, making it stronger
  • Greener grass - boosting the nitrogen levels in your yard will make your grass increase its chlorophyll production, giving you a more vivid lawn
  • Fewer patches - growing healthier grass with stronger roots means they can absorb more water, preventing muddy puddles and patches in your lawn

At GreenScape Services in Tyler, Longview & Athens, TX, our lawn care services with give you a lush, healthy lawn that's the talk of the block. Call today to learn more about our lawn maintenance work.